#3 Brandon Lee Douglas

You Win some, lose some, and wreck some

Growing up In the Fast Lane  

Born into racing growing up watching his Grandpa Pete race for years before it all came to a crashing end.

Every weekend Grandpa Pete wound take us to Colorado National Speedway (CNS) to feed our racing hunger. When I wasn’t at Oregon Trail Speedway or CNS you could find me repairing, building, or imagining having my own racecar.

During my High School Years I was involved in being part of my Father Rick Douglas’ Pit Crew, I finally Started building my First Cruiser Class out of a Buick Regal. We knocked the windows out, painted it Blue, and swapped out the factory V6 for a Ols 350 and bam……     

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I was Racing!

15 Years after that I built my first Bumblebee out of a Nissan Ultima.

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We Won 11 races, and finished 3rd for the season. Our second season was short after being put in the wall on the opening night of the 2016 season.

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After deciding to move up a class to Super Stocks the wife and I decided to buy an 80’s Malibu and build it from the inside out with the help of Ken Moore (Engine). We are very excited to see what the 2017 Racing Season has instore for us.

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My ever supportive wife for financing my racing insanity

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