Divisions Explained

 Minions:  (MN)

The Minion are basically a roll cage on wheels, with a stock 6.5 HP 4 cycle motor for beginning racers between the ages of 10 to 14. Racers in this class are beginners who are ready to learn the basics of racing. Since this class is limited to stock 4 cycle motors only, racers will learn the importance of a good Racecar setup and track etiquette. This class is a pure fun class for the beginning racer.
Warriors:  (WR)
 This class of cars has been designed for the beginning stock car driver. This class is fun and designed to help a new driver gain experience at a reasonable cost.  Warriors all have 4 cylinder motors and are just as they were when they were when taken off the road. The interiors have been removed roll cages and safety equipment added.



Fab 4 Figure 8's:  (F8)
This class of cars runs most of the same rules as the Warrior class. The main difference is that these drivers constantly tempt fate while they run the X for the fans enjoyment. The Fab 4's all have 4 cylinder motors and are just as they were when they were when taken off the road. Take a 4 cylinder car, install a roll cage, and a mildly insane driver and go racing!


Super Stocks:  (SS)
The Super Stock division was designed to promote greater interest in stock car racing. This class enables new and inexperienced drivers and car owners to compete in their own class with a minimum cost. Most of the components are stock or stock appearing.

Limited Late Models:  (LLM)
This is our top class. These are your purebred race cars with a few stock components. The bodies are made of plastic, fiberglass, and metal. The frames of the cars are primarily tubular in construction,

Vintage:  (VIN)
These cars are a throwback to the racing of yesterday. Many have been rebuilt and rejuvenated to compete once again.   
All kinds of cars mix together to make for a very diverse and exciting show.

Legends:  (LEG)
 This Legends series is a "spec-series". Meaning that all parts and rules are governed by a national sanctioning  body INEX. The cars are 5/8- scale in size. The car models resemble the old Ford, Chevy, and Dodge coupes and sedans of the 1930's. They are powered by one of two engines a sealed 1250 Yamaha, or 1200 open Yamaha.

Farm Trucks: (FT)
New for the 2017 season is the Farm Truck division.
Farm Trucks are racing at its purest form. These fresh off the farm work horses get their windows kicked out, cages welded in, and racing tires stuffed under the wheel wells. They promise to be one of the most fun and exciting divisions, since it might just be that truck from the field next door.